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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

FREE Stella and Dot Jewelry

I have always been skeptical about any kind of "home party" so it was a big deal for me to host one.  The only reason I did is because it was for Stella and Dot.  If you have ever seen their jewelry you know what I am talking about.  It is all gorgeous!!  I was happy to host a party because, a.) I knew my friends would love the jewelry and b.) I heard the hostess rewards were worth it.  And oh man were they worth it!  I was so bummed because the day of my party the typical thing happened...everyone started backing out.  Sick kids, late husbands, no money, etc. etc.  I really considered canceling because only 4 people were coming but my stylist, Jennifer Payne, suggested we go ahead with the party.  It was such a fun night and everyone was able to find things they loved.  The best part of my party was two weeks later when my little teal and green boxes arrived on my doorstep.  Let me remind you that my party was not even that big and no one went crazy ordering and I still was able to order all of this for FREE... 

To schedule your party contact, Jennifer Payne at jbaiad@gmail.com or click on her ad in the sidebar!

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