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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Last Minute Mother's Day Shopping...

Now that you have hinted to your husband how to make Sunday special for you, have you thought about your own mom?!  Or how about some other important moms in your life?  If not, thats ok because there is still time to put together a thoughtful gift.  Once again I am going to recommend Home Goods because it basically has pearly gates.  I was there today and quickly got inspired by all the great stuff.  It dawned on me while I was there that I should get a little Mother's Day gift for my son's teachers.  They "mother" him while he is in their care and they go home and mother their own kids....they deserve a little something.

I found a two-pack of these really cute popcorn containers ($8).  I bought 2 candy bars and 2 packs of popcorn ($4 total) and voila...a movie-night gift basket.  

I saw lots of other cute containers there that could serve as your "gift basket" for a variety of themes.  Here are some ideas:

Gardening Basket filled with:
$- gloves, a decorative pot, and a foot scrub/soak for after all that hard work
$$- giftcard for a pedicure.

Picnic Basket filled with:
$- inexpensive cups or plates, some printed napkins, citronella candles
$$- a bottle of wine and some cheese and crackers

Book Lovers Basket: (use a basket, wooden box, or tote bag)
$- bookmark, giftcard to bookstore, journal
$$- add a coffee mug and Starbucks giftcard

Cook's Basket: (use a basket, colorful collander, or place everything in the center of an apron and gather all the sides together and tie it with a ribbon)
$- measuring cups, kitchen tools, some cooking oils, cookbook
$$- A giftcard to Cooking Uptown's cooking classes

Everything I have listed here (other than the wine, cheese and giftcards) was in HomeGoods.  They had tons of stuff for under $10!  Also they are running a deal right now where if you buy a $25 giftcard you receive a free year's subscription to Good Housekeeping.  This deal is good through May 8th.

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