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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Adrienne Patterson: How Do Yo Know the Kids Are Growing Up...

  • No more car seats that require a 5 point harness!!  Gotta love the ease of a booster seat…just stick it in the car and go AND the best part is that they can buckle it themselves!!!
  • Good-bye stinky Diaper Genie and expensive diapers!  We are all panties now and I must say there is nothing cuter than a little fannie ins some cute fairy briefs J  Well there is one thing cuter, poop in the potty and not smeared halfway up their back and in a urine soaked diaper!
  • So long Yo Gabba Gabba and The Wiggles (Praise the Lord!!!) Hello Fresh Beat Band, Shake it Up and I-Carly.  Honestly these newer shows are just as annoying in their own way but not nearly as weird as the Gabba and Wiggles!

  • An empty trunk!  So long huge, monster  Graco travel stroller system and sweet Snap and Go hello to a trunk I can now actually use.
  • No more Puffs, Goldfish and Applejuice.  At last they have snacks I can actually enjoy as well.  Nothing like snacking on some salt and vinegar chips and enjoying some sweet tea with my girls!
  • Naptime is over!  This is bittersweet in that I do miss that downtime during the day but how nice to be able to have all afternoon to hang at the pool, go see a movie or play with friends without worrying about a kid having a complete breakdown b/c they need to nap!  The other perk is while they are old enough to skip naps they are also old enough to sit and watch a movie and leave me alone if I want to nap!!
  • While we are talking about sleep, finally we are not awake with the sun!  Nothing sweeter than me actually waking up BEFORE my kids…it almost feels unnatural...don’t get too excited though b/c they have some super sensor radar and if I dare try to take advantage of that time and enjoy coffee they are immediately awake and in my face demanding breakfast!
  • I can give my carpel tunnel a break now that I am not required to dice up all of their food!  Honestly I never realized what a chore this was….dicing, cutting and sawing pizza and chicken nuggets with a flimsy plastic knife all while my food sat getting cold.  What a treat to just hand them a plate and let them go at it!
  • I can actually sit by the pool now and visit with friends versus having conversations in the shallow end amidst super soakers and cannon balls.  This might be one of my most favorite milestones yet! 
  • We can now enjoy a family dinner out somewhere other than Chick Fil A or McDonalds!  Hallelujah for more adventurous eating and the courage to try something other than chicken nuggets and grilled cheese.  My kids actually love PF Changs and can tear up a steak at Outback.  If you gotta bring the kids along thank goodness we can take them somewhere we actually want to eat!!!


  1. This is just cruel for a new mom like me. I guess at least I've got it all to look forward to.

  2. Can anyone tell me when your nerves stop feeling like they are completely frazzled??


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