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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Lauren Alexander: From Girl Talk to Food Talk...

As you all can tell from my posts, I greatly value my friendships and the time I get with my girlfriends. But right up there on the list with friends is also good food; Ideally, I'd like to eat good food with good friends. So in the interest of keeping things fresh and new I'm going to transition from girlfriend talk to food talk! I don't pretend to be a chef of any sort or even barely much of a cook. But I do appreciate a good meal and if it's one that I have to prepare for my family then I want it to be easy to make and able to be eaten by everyone in the family.
As I've gotten older I've found myself open to trying new things that I swore I didn't like. And I don't mean that I thought I didn't like escargot and here I am eating it all the time! No, I mean, that for years I swore I didn't like tomatoes and when I stopped acting ridiculous and actually ate them I found that they're one of my favorites! Same thing with seafood. I swore up and down that I couldn't stand the taste of fish. And lo and behold I could eat it nearly every day now. I think with the combination of growing up and moving around I've become more open minded in general and don't find myself shutting something down as quickly as I used to. This has served me well across the board and especially with new foods.
When it was just Todd and I, I would spend a whole afternoon shopping and preparing new dishes. I never shied away from a recipe that called for 15 ingredients and 20 steps. I kind of liked the challenge and the thought of eating such a delicious meal. You want to know when that all changed? Yeah, when I got pregnant and couldn't stand the smell of almost any kind of food, especially all types of meat. I would find myself running out of the grocery store praying I wouldn't puke. That's when Todd went on an unintended diet and take out became the norm. And that was before the baby was even here! Once Nash was born then it really got ugly. There was no more "dinner time" only "uh, I think there's some milk and pickles in the fridge". It was months before I felt like I could get back in the kitchen and actually prepare and serve a legitimate meal. And that was when I realized that my days of elaborate meal-planning and 15 ingredient recipes may just be over.
And that's what brings to my new posts. I want to share some recipes that I've found to be tasty, reasonably easy, and not served from a take-out container. I'll keep it interesting and try to challenge each of us to try some new things. I'll also give feedback on changes I would make the next time around or maybe something I'd add to kick it up a notch. A little warning- If you're a real food connoisseur you may be a bit disappointed by what is to come. These meals aren't meant to be served at a 5 star restaurant. They're only intended to impress the little critics at our dinner table each night.
I hope you enjoy!

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