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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Burger News...

I am going to need us all to collectively hold hands and pray to the burger gods that this little rumor is true.  Word is that In-n-Out Burger could be moving east!  My stomach growls just thinking about that!  Growing up partially in California meant I got to experience a lot of great things and top of the list is In-n-Out.  You read about celebrities racing there after awards shows and if a burger is so good that you are willing to go in a $5,000 gown then you know its goooood.  Reports are that the burger chain is moving to Texas and expanding from there.  We aren't that many states away so surely they will want to come share the love?!  If you know anyone in Texas tell them they better eat their weight in burgers to convince those In-n-Out execs that east coast chains would thrive!

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