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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Adrienne Patterson: Mom Questionnaire...

Name: Adrienne Patterson Age (optional): 36 Number of kids: 3

What was the biggest surprise to you after having a child(ren)?
The surprises were endless but the main ones were, first I had no idea how they would totally and completely require so much of me and my time!!  They pretty much consume my every waking minute even if I am not physically with them.  They are always on my mind whether I am worrying about them, planning for them or feeling guilty for not being with them.  Second, how much I would stress out about setting a good example for them. They really are little sponges copying everything I say and do.  Really terrifying when I consider how imperfect I am and how unqualified I am to be an example to anyone!!!  (Gotta love hearing your 3 year old say, “get that damn cat off the bed.”….nice)

What would you say has been your worst parenting moment?
I honestly cannot share it publicly, only my sisters and mother know the awful things I said to my child while trying to take birth announcement pictures, OMG!  But I have plenty more to choose from so I will say one of my worst and lowest would be the time I was stressed with the kids, finally got them settled to eat lunch only to find the cat up on the table eating their sandwiches. I yelled at the cat, scared the kids and when I went to toss the cat out the backdoor I accidentally tossed him right into the side of the grill!!!!  He was definitely dazed and I just lost it thinking I had killed the family pet.

Your best?
Wow, how to choose?! When they were babies my best moments were the quiet times when I would be breastfeeding and able to just stare into their sweet little faces and realize how precious and innocent they were.  As they have gotten older it’s the big hugs, cuddling and when they are actually all getting along and we can just dance around and laugh together.

Best parenting advice you have ever received?
Make time for you however you can!  Many a nervous breakdown has been prevented by a simple 2 hr stroll around Target when Scott gets home at night!  Also, don’t let them dictate your life.  Yes they are priority but they need to learn to roll with you and your life as much as possible so strap them in the car and get out there and keep living!!

What has changed the most about your personal style since having kids?
Not sure I had a real personal style to begin with, LOL!  I pretty much have stayed the same, low key and probably boring.  I am all about comfort and being practical BUT I am not a slob.  I stick with the basic solid tees, shorts and flip flops and pretty much live in my jeans in the winter.  Nothing worse than trying to look cute only to get to the playground and nearly break your ankle walking on the ground cover with platform heels…you gotta be realistic!

What is your day-to-day beauty regimen? 
If it is summer and I have some decent color on my face then I pretty much skip make-up as much as I can.  When I do wear it I can do my entire make up routine in under 5 minutes…powder, bronzer, mascara and lip stick.  I have gotten much better about washing my face every night and am all about some moisturizer that claims to even out dark spots and remove some of this sun damage.

What is your favorite beauty product and why?
Lotion!!!!  I cannot stand the feeling of dry skin so I lather up every single morning and many times before I go to bed. 

If you could have back one luxury from your pre-kids days what would it be?
I feel like this must be the universal answer…TIME!!! To be able to do what I want to do when I want to do it would be a total luxury.  Even if they kids aren’t with me their schedule still dictates what I am doing.  To just be able to eat a meal when I feel like it or skip it all together or to have time to chat on the phone and catch up with friends or enjoy a cup of coffee without having to get up 6 a.m. just to be alone!!

What is your favorite kid-friendly activity to do with your kids?
Love the pool and I love doing anything with a group of friends.  When we are with other kids they are less likely to fight and more likely to leave me alone!!!

Your favorite thing about raising kids in Charlotte (or whatever city in which you live)?
I live in Aiken, a very small town so there honestly isn’t that much to do and that is tough.  However, I do like the quaintness and the comfort in knowing so many people and feeling like we are somewhere safe to walk and ride our bikes.  We do lots of play dates at friends houses and our favorite is probably going to a local ice cream shop and sitting outside eating ice cream with friends.

What word do you use way too much on any given day?
Hmmm, let’s break it down by child:

Finley (3yrs old): “Stop crying and use your words.”
Gracie (5yrs): “Settle down!”
Molly Scott (7rs): “You need to get a better attitude.”
Scott (husband): “Please get them away from me before I kill them!!”

Celebrity mom you can most see yourself hanging out with?
I need to hang out with Michelle Duggar (19 Kids and Counting) to see where the heck she gets her patience from!!  Not sure who I could see myself with???

If you could have one super power that would help you be an even better mom what would it be?
Again, it has to be a universal answer…PATIENCE!!!  I am still constantly amazed at how mad my kids can make me and how quickly I fly off the handle. It is really embarrassing and something I struggle with every single day.  I just wish I could let things go and relax more.  I think the impatience comes from constantly trying to keep all the balls in the air and feeling so overwhelmed that one slip up feels like my entire day and schedule is being derailed.

Favorite part of being a mom?
Watching them learn new things (and I am not talking about when they learn to scream, say no or take their shoes off the minute you put them in the car).  To see them figure out how to read, ride a bike, say a new word, tie their shoe etc.  They are so proud of themselves and you realize that they won’t be a babbling, drooling, pooping baby forever they will actually be little people who you can truly have a relationship with!

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