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Monday, August 8, 2011

A little news from design POST...

I promise not to bombard you with news from my other blog/business but this post may interest some of you...

{as posted on design POST 8/8/11}
Do you like parties with your girlfriends?  Do you like clothes?  Do you like saving money?  If you answered no then drink a glass of wine and try again.  Still no?  Then please quickly see yourself to the door.  We won't have much in common and you will hate a lot of things I write about.  Now, if you answered yes to those questions please make yourself at home.  I am so excited to share with my closest friends, which are all of you now,  something I am oh-so-excited about.  I have found a way to combine some of my favorite things and I am not talking about brown paper packages or blue satin sashes.  I am talking about clothes and girls nights and taking it easy on my wallet!!  

No matter what the state of our bank account I can always justify buying clothes because of the times I stand in my closet furiously rifling through my things and finally screaming to the clothes gods, "I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!!" This does not bode well for my emotional well-being, or my family's, or more importantly our bank account.  It makes my husband question my sanity as he looks at the pile of clothes on the ground that clearly must be useless.  I have fallen in the trap of thinking that I must have something new for every occasion and Facebook be damned, I don't want to be tagged wearing the same thing twice.  This type of thinking is ridiculous and me, nor my wallet can take it anymore.  So I have a soluton: closet remixing.  I am no genius and will not claim to have come up with this concept myself.  I was introduced to something called 30 for 30 by this girl and it is awesome!

I have learned to look at my closet with new eyes (if I could look at it with an endless wallet that would be even better but...) and it is making me actually excited about what I do have.  Instead of coming up blank or grabbing the same ole trusty pieces, I am learning to remix my clothes in different ways.  I am finding ways to make more than one outfit from one item and I am even trying some new looks. The first time I started to officially do a 30 for 30 challenge I made my husband sit on the bed and help me pick the 30 pieces.  I don't know why because he didn't really help and couldn't have been less interested but this is a date for us these days.  He did have some input that sparked my idea though and it was, "Why are you acting like this is some new challenge?  Isn't this what you do for fun anyways?"  And he was right, I do love to play in my closet and put outfits together.  So here is where my little wheels started turning...why not help other women remix their clothing?  Throw in some friends and wine and call it a party!?  I couldn't come up with one single reason not to.

So, as an extension of the fashion aspect of design POST I am going to be scheduling Closet Remix Parties.  The rules are really simple and anyone can play...

Step 1:  Contact me at bethposton@hotmail.com or (704)965-6281 and we can find a night that works.

Step 2:  Create your guest list which I suggest to have a minimum of 2-5 people.

Step 3:  Choose 30 pieces from your closet; this should include pants, tops, dresses, shorts, shoes, etc. Accessories don't count toward the total. 

Step 4:  Put out some wine and light appetizers and get ready for a night of friends, fun, and most importantly fashion. All right in your home!  

As a hostess you will receive two hours of undivided attention and help working with your 30 items.  The cost of hosting a party is $25. The hostess will be the only person remixing because, well they are the one that paid the money and I need to have access to your closet to best help you. But don't fret because after you are done watching your friend become more fashion-savvy you can sign up to host your very own party.  And guess who owes you a turn at being the guest! Friends are welcome to give their input and take home as many tips as possible.   

We will mix and remix until we have come up with at least 30 outfits using your 30 pieces.  If you need a little help choosing your items or getting started in any way I can help with that too!  Food and beverages are the responsibility of the hostess but remember to keep things simple since the clothes are the real spotlight of the night anyway.    


  1. YOU KNOW FUNNY THING ABOUT READING THIS....I WAS LOOKING in MY CLOSET EARLIER AND LITERALLY THOUGHT TO MYSELF "I need to get Beth to go shopping with me. my wardrobe sucks and her clothes are always so put together and look great on her." So as a testament to this idea of yours...I think it's great! I'll be in touch!

  2. Beverly you just made my day! You always look great and very put together but I would love to lend my skills :)


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