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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Local Business: Charlotte Acupuncture....

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When I birthed this blog, ok that sounds a little graphic.  When I started this blog, I wanted the focus to be on local people, places, and things.  I wanted to help you all find things right here in Charlotte that would make motherhood a little easier, cooler, and more convenient.  So in light of that this post is about a great local business.  

At first glance you may not see any connection between acupuncture and motherhood but I promise you there are a few.  If you have back pain during or after pregnancy or because of the children you have to lug around acupuncture can help.  If you have ever been walking and suddenly had a lightening bolt of pain in your hip, acupuncture can help.  If you have ever tried to lay down at night only to be kept awake by a running to-do list, acupuncture can help.  How about period issues after labor?  Or fertility issues while trying to get pregnant? Lack of energy, digestion issues or stress?  I am sure some hands are raised!

I have always heard people rave about acupuncture but I never really put a lot of stock in it.  I just couldn't see how poking yourself with tiny needles could really solve any problems.  I have been a firm believer in Western medicine only and I prefer good ole medication.  So for me to now want to rave about this business is pretty big.  I will have to devote another post to why I went in the first place but I can say that my issues have significantly improved and that is after only 2 treatments.  TWO!!  I am not lying and I can assure you it is not in my mind.  My results have been enough to motivate my husband to go for his chronic back pain.  Now, for a man to go get treatment for something instead of just complaining about it for years on end, is HUGE.  My results have been that good.

Charlotte Acupuncture has a great staff and the entire process is smooth and easy.  The specialists are very knowledgable and walk you through each and every step.  I leave feeling encouraged and relaxed and most importantly happy with my results.  I cannot get high enough on this soapbox...if you have ever considered going to acupuncture for your condition do it!  And go to Charlotte Acupuncture!

*These opinions are strictly my own and I was given no compensation for this post.  In other words I am for real when I say I love this practice!

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