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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Coupon Guru...

One of the main places that I see my money flying out of my wallet is at the grocery store.  Even with in-store specials I can't seem to get out without spending a small fortune.  I often leave thinking how great it would be to drop money at Nordstrom like I do at the grocery store.
I am trying to get the spending under control this year and I think it will rely heavily on my ability to use coupons.  I have gotten on and off the coupon bandwagon over the last couple of years.  I get excited about saving some money and I hear those stories about people spending .67 cents on $200 worth of groceries and I want in.  But then I can't find coupons, or I don't know when to use them: double coupon day, triple coupons day, super double day??? or I am too unorganized to even find my coupons!

I am determined to get back into coupons and this time I am bringing in reinforcement.  I heard about this coupon guru from my sister and so far her website seems to be a gold mine.  She lives in Raleigh and she offers great tips on using coupons and gives specific sale information.  Not mention she does all of the work for you!  She tells you what deals are going on, which coupons to use, where to find the coupons, and exactly when the best sales are happening.  Its like having a little helper with you on your trips.  She just gets the whole coupon thing and makes it easy to understand for even the most unorganized beginner.  She even teaches classes in Raleigh about how to do all of this!  Maybe we can get her to come visit us Charlotte ladies!

Check out her site:  The Intentional Home

Another great website for coupons (and tips) is:  Southern Savers

Another way I feel that I waste money is by not using the stuff I have in my pantry.  I constantly go to the store because we have "nothing to eat" yet my pantry is basically full.  Here I have found some websites that will hopefully help me use what we have and save some cash.


Hope this helps!  Let me know what you are doing to save money and/or trips to the grocery store!

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