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Monday, January 31, 2011

Kid Friendly Meals

Every mom-friend I have has at some point asked, "What do you feed your kids?"  We all get burned out trying to find things that are healthy and that the kids will actually eat.  I try my best to get my kids to eat whatever I fix us for dinner but I also need ideas for breakfast, lunch, and the nights when I know our meal will be a no-go for them.  One of my friends reached out for some help a while back and she was brilliant enough to hold on to the list she compiled(thank you Stacy!).  She shared this email gold with me and I wanted to pass it on.  Hopefully you can get some new ideas and a little inspiration to keep trying new things with those picky eaters.

-Mac and cheese
-Breakfast for dinner (scrambled eggs, pancakes (pumpkin, blueberry, etc), omelettes (can add chopped veggies))
-Homemade veggie pizza (on bread, bagel, english muffin, Boboli crust)
-Cheese quesadilla (can add black beans, salsa)
-Perogies (in freezer section -pasta with cheese potatoe in middle)
-Grilled cheese (can add thinly sliced tomato, or spinach)
-Hummus or guacomole (dip veggies, pretzels, or tortillas in it)
-Sweet potato french fries (side idea)
-Trader Joe's veggie potstickers
-Dr. Praegers broccoli and spinach cakes
-a can of noodle soup with the liquid drained off-- makes for quick noodles
-Trader Joe's mini-pizzas
-Black bean & ground turkey/beef tacos or burritos
-Turkey sandwiches
-Turkey meatballs (in frozen or produce section of grocery)
-Rotisserie chicken
-Chicken/rice/broccoli casserole
-Quesadillas with Perdue precooked chicken, cheese, black beans, salsa
-Homemade pizza (same as meatless but add turkey or reg pepperoni)
 -Homemade chicken fried rice (left-over chicken, peas, corn, carrots and I scramble a few egg whites for added protein
-Chicken & broccoli calzones (use Trader Joe's pizza dough, pesto sauce, mozz cheese, left-over chicken & frozen broccoli)
-Chicken noodle soup with wide egg noodles
-Meatloaf (weight watchers has a great recipe that uses turkey, oatmeal and shredded carrots
-Shredded BBQ chicken or pork (homemade, or in produce section of grocery)
-Chicken salad
-Deli meat rolled up, with or without a tortilla or cheese
-Ham, egg, and cheese burritos
-Crumbled sausage (freezer section of grocery)
-Fish sticks
-Grilled ham/turkey and chz (can serve with soup to dip in)
-Pasta dishes (spagetti and meatballs, beef stroganoff, etc)
-Bagel bites
-Gerber pasta pickups
-Sloppy joe's (just the meat even)
-Pasta salad

What are your go-to kid-friendly meals?  Favorite easy recipes?  Share your suggestions! 


  1. One thing I forgot to put on this list for a quick, easy, and not-too-horribly-unhealthy breakfast for my boys is the low fat Sausage/Egg/Cheese Toaster Struedels (I totally butchered the spelling of that!) in the freezer section. They're super fast and at least have a decent amount of protein to start the day. Just another thought! :)

  2. forgive me if i overlooked it, but the little frozen quiches are easy too...

  3. somehow i showed up as jennifer (my mother-in-law) kinda funny. guess she was using the computer this weekend and somehow got set as the default :)

  4. my other go-to veggie are those little yam patties that come wrapped in plastic wrap on the meat trays. just pop them in the microwave and add a little spray butter, cin. and brown sugar. yummy!


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