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Thursday, January 13, 2011

DIY: Bulletin Board

Since Thursday is my free-for-all day I wanted to switch gears a little bit.  This week I have been trying to pass along some tips for getting organized and I hope that you all are starting to make some changes.  By doing so you will make your days run smoother and will hopefully teach your kids some healthy habits.  

Here is a little DIY project that I made in order to get more organized.  It was a cheap and easy project and it could be used in a variety of places in the house.  I love DIY crafts and projects so please feel free to send me anything you have recently made.  I would love to see them all!  Or maybe you have something you are trying to make over but you are stumped?  Send me a quick email letting me know what you are working on and I'll see if I can help!

BEFORE: ugly bulletin board
I wanted a place to keep notes and information that wouldn't clutter my desk. *Had to look pretty too.

Bulletin board = $2 at Goodwill
Spray paint = $5 at Michaels
Scrapbook paper = .30/sheet (bought 3 sheets)
Construction paper = free (borrowed from my son's stash)
Wooden letters = free (had leftover from another project)
Scissors, hot glue gun, and tape

Made-over the bulletin board with paint, folded paper flowers (tutorial here for similar flowers), and personal touches!

AFTER: a personalized place to keep reminders and notes

Sorry for the poor quality picture...I loaned out my camera so had to use my phone!

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