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Friday, January 7, 2011

FYE (For Your Entertainment): 1/7/11

My very first FYE post...YAY!  I want to leave you with a smile on Fridays so that you go into the weekend on a positive note.  We all know that 2 solid days with everyone home can be overwhelming at times (read: you wish everyone could go back to school and work) so I hope that I can help you start it off right.  We all know the saying, "happy wife, happy life" and music makes me happy so hopefully it will make you happy too.  

I have always been a complete sucker for a guy with a guitar.  If he can play guitar he is hot.  Period.  So in honor of my teeny bop post today I am starting your weekend with some of my favorite men.  If ever my dreams do come true and one of them shows up to serenade me unexpectedly I will die on the spot. Or ugly cry. Or scream like I did at my first NKOTB concert.  Have a great weekend!

And during some downtime (ha! down time, yeah right!) this weekend check out this article.  Such great parenting advice!  We all need a reminder to use common sense from time to time!


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