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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Prestige Farms (*GIVE AWAY*)

*FREE 10 lb. bag of boneless, skinless chicken breasts*
*FREE 10 lb. bag of breaded chicken tenders*
How awesome would I be if I could give you a better version of a major dinner staple and save you money at the grocery store??  Well I can't take all the credit but I am so excited to bring you this give away from Wes and Karen Thompson who sell chicken from Prestige Farms!  Started many years ago in Charlotte, Prestige Farms is a wholesale poultry distributor that has served thousands of customers across the Southeast.  They have mainly distributed to hotels and restaurants such as, Blue, The Capital Grille, Bonterra, Firebirds, Cantina 1511 and Mac's Speedshop, and now you will have a chance to have their products delivered right to your door step!
Wes Thompson's grandfather started Prestige Farms many years ago and their family has enjoyed their products as well as taking small orders from friends and family.  Wes and Karen decided that they should start their own home delivery business by offering the same chicken Prestige Farms sells to their commercial customers.  The Thompson's have been happy to be able to share the love since they feel strongly that they are offering a better option than that which can be found in grocery stores.  Here are some words from Wes:

Of course, all of the chicken at Prestige Farms is an All Natural product, hormone and steroid free, and has no added sodium or preservatives.  I would encourage you to visit the Prestige Farms website to read more about what separates their product from typical mass produced poultry (e.g., ‘fresh’ grocery store chicken is typically previously frozen and sometimes injected with up to a 15% salt water solution).  The typical feedback from friends is that the product is more flavorful, more tender and is easier to cook than standard grocery store chicken. A primary goal is to keep prices at or below what the grocery stores charge for “fresh” boneless breast while providing a superior product and home delivery.  
 Due to such a great response and a growing number of customers Wes and Karen are now offering monthly delivery.  Instructions are simple and they deliver the chicken to your home.  That means a lot less trips to the grocery store and better chicken to serve your family.  One lucky winner will get to try two of their products for free and yes, it will also be delivered!  The next delivery date is Feb. 5th which is just in time for the Super Bowl.  Throw some tenders in buffalo sauce and you have some yummy game food!  Here is how you can win a 10 lb. bag of boneless, skinless chicken breasts and a 10 lb. bag of breaded tenders...  
Share this link on your Facebook page and leave a comment under this post letting me know you did so!
Post a comment on Facebook about why you want to win the chicken!
Winner will be announced next Wednesday, Feb.2nd so you have a whole week to make sure you enter!  I have personally ordered both of these products and they were delicious!  See below for delivery and payment options:
Fill out this order form and email to wes.thompson3@gmail.com

-Boneless, skinless breasts:   Breasts come in 10 lb bags and average 22-26 pieces.  Since they are wholesale packaged in a single 10 lb bag most will separate the chicken into Ziploc bags and freeze.  $3.49/lb.
-Breaded tenders:  Fresh whole chicken tenders are breaded with a honey batter and then flash frozen (uncooked).  These are most popular with kids but a lot people will toss them with a buffalo wing sauce, use for a quick chicken parmigiana or sliced to top a salad.  They come boxed with two 5 lb bags.  $3.49/lb.
-Cut Wings:  Wholesale packaged in 10 lb bags and average 70 wings per bag.  Wings can be split into Ziploc bags and frozen or often prepared fresh for a party/get together.  $2.49/lb.
-Whole Chickens: Each chicken weighs 3 lbs and the minimum order is 4 chickens.  $4.49 per 3 lb chicken ($1.49/lb).
-Boneless, skinless thighs:  Thighs are wholesale packaged in 10 lb bags and average 50 pieces per bag.  $2.49/lb.
Delivery (Free of Charge):  Please place a medium to large size cooler outside of your house (when placing your order let us know the location of the cooler).  The chicken will be placed in the cooler and covered in ice.  We will be able to provide a window of time for delivery and you can request to be contacted once the delivery is made.  If you are unable to be home at some point during that day we can work out alternative arrangements. 
Payment:  There are two payment options – online using Paypal or by check. 
    • By check - Please make checks out to KAREN THOMPSON and leave inside the cooler prior to delivery. 
    • By Paypal – You can pay online for free using your debit/credit card if you have a Paypal account  (the account is free to set up and there are no fees when sending money - https://www.paypal.com/ )
To pay click on the below link and make your payment to:  wes.thompson3@gmail.com


  1. posted on my facebook page. Okay love this giveaway and what a great idea.

  2. Posted on FB! We love chicken around here and given how much my Ironman husband eats on a regular basis, this giveaway would be AWESOME to win!

  3. liked on fb and commented:) bring on the chicken!


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