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Monday, January 3, 2011

A little side note about posts...

In one of my blog resolutions I want to keep things organized.  This is for you my sanity.  So, going forward I will somewhat stick to this format:

Mondays:  Fresh start-, resolution-, well-being-related posts
Tuesdays:  Keep with the FREE theme and bring you things to do for that week as well as plan ahead events (kid friendly and date night options)
Wednesdays:  Local people, places, and things  (I will try my best to bring as many giveaways as possible)
Thursdays:  free-for-all (in other words no plans just yet...suggestions welcome!  Guest bloggers, DIY projects, ??)
Fridays:  FYE: For Your Entertainment.  I will try to start your weekend off with something fun!

And as the head honcho here reserve the right to not stick to this or change my mind at any given time!


  1. love it!!!!! keep it coming beth!!

  2. you could always feature a weekly recipe...i know I am always looking for new easy weeknight meals!

  3. Good call Ryan! Actually I get most of mine from you so maybe you could head that up :)

  4. I vote DIY projects. Decorating on the cheap makes me happy :)


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