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Monday, January 3, 2011

Buh bye 2010

Happy 2011!  I for one am excited that it is January already and Christmas is over.  Bitter, party of one? No, not the case at all.  I had a wonderful Christmas that for once didn't go by too quickly.  

We had family in town for 2 weeks and I really milked every ounce of the holidays as I could.  I didn't feel rushed and I didn't miss the little moments in between all the hustle and bustle and the result is that I had a great Christmas and now I am happy to move on from it.  I love a good fresh start and I need the excuse of a New Year to get my butt in gear.  In the same fashion I enjoyed Christmas, I enjoyed this last year of becoming a mother of 2.  Ok, enjoyed might not be the most accurate term to use but I did live in the moment a lot and allow myself to not waste time or energy on feeling guilty.  My bed wasn't made some days, most days and guess what?  Who cares!  I allowed friends to come over even though the dishes were piled in the sink and my hair was 2 days dirty.  Did I feel bad after?  Not a bit!  I stopped caring if I took both kids on an errand in their pjs (mid-afternoon) and I don't think DSS was called once!  Having a second kid stripped my energy to care about those things and I decided to not feel guilty about it.  And let me tell you it was great!  I allowed myself to not rush the process of getting adjusted to 2 kids and I cut myself slack, probably even too much at times, but for me it worked this year and I truly believe I survived the transition better because of it.  But its time for me to turn over a new leaf so I am happy that January is here.  

I do have some resolutions and I will do my best to stick to them.  But if I learned anything from 2010 it is that even if I don't thats ok too.

*  Get healthier...broad I know but I just want to make some effort to eat a little better (we are aiming to eat vegetarian 1 night/week) and to work out at all.   I feel sure that Just Dance on Wii is going to play a big role in this.

*  Keep my dining room table clear.  This has become our dumping ground.  Before kiddo #2 I wouldn't have been able to sleep at night knowing that that junk was piled there but during this slacker year of mine I have become quite comfortable with it.  No more!  Everything will have a place, if it kills me.  Or if it makes me kill my husband!

*  Be a better grocery shopper.  I am not good with math and I love food so this gets me into trouble a lot.  I want to still get excited about going to the grocery store but do it on a budget.  

*  Commit to a date night once a week.  And no I don't mean with different men, I mean my husband.  I know this commitment will be hard since it will require effort but I know it will be worth it. 

*  Be more involved in my church.  Right now that may just mean actually going to my church more than once a month.  I always feel better after and I get to sing really loud and no one can hear how bad I am.  Except my husband, poor guy.

And there you have it....my goals for a fresh start.  I have so many other to-do's on my list but these are the biggies.  And these are just for my personal life, I have a ton more for this blog.  Most importantly I just want to keep enjoying writing here and interacting with you all.  If you could all add one resolution to your list please let it be to leave a comment here or there.  It would make my day!  

Over the next few weeks I am going to try to bring you information that will help you get ready for a fresh start too.  Check in often so you don't miss this stuff...

                    *Budgets: free meals, tips from an expert, coupons, and more
                    *Getting healthy: learn to cook, shop, and eat better and work
                      out tips from local pro                                                     
                    *Pre-school:  All the scoop you need to get your kids signed up
                    *More local products, people, giveaways, and things to do 


  1. I completely understand! I took the same philosophy in 2010 with just relaxing about things. I do dishes 2, maybe 3, times a week no matter how many dishes pile up in my sink. Laundry does not get folded right away but it is all about priorities. My priorities are my family and studying right now and the rest will happen. As David Chadwick discussed at Forest Hill this past weekend, if you know how it is going to end, just relax and enjoy.

  2. You said it better than me! I completely agree and it made my year so much easier and more enjoyable. Hey, what do ya know, we are figuring stuff out :)


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