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Monday, January 24, 2011

Getting Fit Tips...

January is coming to a close and I am curious to know who is still sticking to their New Years resolutions??  I have been doing pretty well on some but there are a few that I haven't even begun to tackle.  Working out is on the top of that list.  This cold weather and the list of all my other excuses keeps getting in the way.  Today I am going to introduce you all to a local personal trainer who has some great tips for all of us mommas who are trying to get fit.  Although changing a crib sheet is a cardio workout in itself, I really think its time I stepped it up a notch.  Here is some great input and advice from Ben Hunley of Balance Fitness Studio:

Everybody usually includes ‘getting in shape’ on their New Year’s resolution list and moms are no different BUT in between running the household and delivering kids to soccer practice and dance recitals, finding the time can be a challenge. 

My experience with moms is that a happy mom equals a happy home, so it is definitely in your best interest to carve out some time to take care of yourself.  Beyond the obvious benefits of getting in shape, working out is a great way to deal with the daily grind.  Working off stress and those extra calories are just a few of the benefits to a healthy lifestyle.

Below are Q & A on common issues with getting started.

1. I want to stick to my New Years resolution this year of getting in shape, what is the best way to start?
         The best way to start is to make a commitment to yourself that you are worth taking care of.  Enlist the help of a qualified personal trainer.  This allows for you to have some guidance on doing the correct form, intensity and frequency.  Many times someone who is a novice will go to the gym on Jan. 1 and try to do every machine they see in the gym.  The next day they are so sore they can’t walk and next thing you know they’re saying  “I’m too sore today I will do it tomorrow.”  Tomorrow turns into the next day and the next day then boom, the New Years resolution is already starting to fade away.  With proper instruction and guidance you can get started on a plan and stick to it.

2. I have a hard time coordinating childcare to get to a gym, do you have suggestions of things I could do on my own/at home?
         Childcare can be an issue, but you can always find 15-20 min a day that you can invest in your health.  You would be surprised how much you can get done in 15 min. with a minimum amount of equipment.  Here is an example of a 15 min. workout than can be done at home.

Do the following in a circuit.

Squats x 15
Push-Ups x As many as you can do
Hip Raises x 15
Dumbbell Row x 15
Plank x 30 sec
         Rest 30-60 sec for water
         Complete 3 sets or as many sets as you can do in 15min.

3. What would a typical session with you include?
         A typical session with me can vary depending on the client because each client has different goals and needs but a basic outline would include
5-15 min. warm-up period
         30-45 min. full body weight training
         5 min. cool-down/stretch

4. How do I keep my resolution going all year long?
         If your hire a trainer then accountability is built-in because you’re paying a trainer to help make sure you are doing the things you need to do in order to achieve your fitness goals.  If you decide not to use a trainer (I would advise getting one to at least get you started) consider working with a buddy. Teaming up with a training partner can be very helpful because your workout time won’t become boring and peer pressure comes into play on the days you don’t want to work out. 

5.  How much does it cost to work with a personal trainer?
Rates can range between $45-$70 per hour depending on individual or group training and what type of package/frequency you decide on.  After a careful fitness evaluation, a trainer can help you decide on the frequency and type of program based on what you are trying to achieve.  Although personal trainers can seem to be a bit more expensive than a basic gym membership, the benefits far outweigh the costs.  You are investing in yourself and if you find a qualified trainer you can be assured a great workout and one-on-one attention that is specific to your fitness needs.  The knowledge you gain helps you continue fitness routines on your own.

You have nothing to lose – at least treat yourself to a complimentary fitness evaluation and start on your path to better health for the New Year and beyond.  For more info or to schedule a complimentary fitness evaluation, contact me directly via email at bchunley@mac.com or check us out at www.balancefitnessstudio.net

Thank you Ben!  Good luck moms!

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