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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Designing For The Soul (*GIVE AWAY*)


*UPDATE: all links to Caroline's website and blog have been corrected on here.  They should now link up!
Back in December, which seems like a loooong time ago, I mentioned a really creative Charlotte artist named Caroline Simas.  

I stumbled across some of her work in Fabo one day and I just loved it.  The pieces I saw were some paintings that I thought would look awesome in a little girls room.  Obviously I wouldn't be able to justify buying that but I wrote down her contact information anyway.  When I got home I looked around her website, www.multipleblessings.net.  Each click led me to something better than the last.  Since meeting Caroline (over the phone) I have found that she is really talented.  Like, the kind of talented that makes you want to hate her except that she is also really nice and friendly so you just can't.  

She is the mother of 4 kids and works from a studio at home.  I would have a hard time getting anything done but she manages to constantly design and create products.  All of her products carry her signature style of bright, happy, and inspirational art.  Apparently I am not the only fan (duh) because she currently has products with Tiny Prints, Tervis Tumblers, Mayfair Lane, Wellspring, and CoasterStone among others.  I have been checking her blog regularly to see what else she has in the works!  

Since we have been talking a little about organization this week, Caroline came to my mind.  She has designed a line especially for Wellspring, which is a company that makes great organizational products.  Her designs are on their Magnetic pencil pad,  Flip notes, and note cards.  Just for you MOMSIE readers she is giving away all 3 of these products as a gift set!  FOR FREE!  You will have some beautiful tools to inspire you to get organized this year- on the house!  To be the lucky winner you just have to become a follower if you aren't already.  If you are already a follower (thank you!) you just have to refer a friend to become a follower and leave me a comment under this post letting me know who you brought to MOMSIE.  Winner will be announced Friday at 8:00 am.   

Don't forget to visit Caroline's blog and subscribe to her newsletter.  You will get monthly updates about her products including news on her Valentine's Day designs for Tiny Prints and some fabrics that will debut in the spring.  You also will get to read about her daily life and draw some inspiration from a Charlotte mom who is living out her passion and doing it will good ole Southern charm!  

Take a look at what could be yours....


  1. Caroline actually designed Vince's cranial band (aka helmet) way back when he was a baby-- it was a Panther's helmet and she did an amazing job, so I can only imagine how much her creativity carries through in her business!!

  2. Such a small world Stacy! She is so nice and obviously multi-talented! I remember that helmet! His little curls would get so sweaty :)


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