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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Pre schools, play schools, and wee schools oh my!

Its that time of year when mothers go into a panic.  There is a lot of talk about applying, tuition rates, and hoping your child gets in.  No, not college.  We are talking about pre school!  I was one of the idiots who just figured I'd start calling around in the summer to see which place had openings for that fall.  Little did I know that applying to pre schools is a lot like trying to get into a coveted college.  After several places basically laughed at me I was fortunate enough to find a spot is a great program.  Since then I have learned that finding a pre school starts in January-February and if you need to do any research do it now!  Many places have already opened registration to current students and will open it to the public starting within the next couple of weeks.  Most programs offer tours so that you can come see how you like the place.  Charlotte has so many great options but its time to pick one!  Here is just a short list of some great programs around town:

Carmel Baptist Wee School
Central Church of God
Forest Hill Playschool
First Presbyterian (Uptown) 
Harrison United Methodist
Hawthorne Methodist
St. Stephen's United Methodist
The Goddard School
The Jewish Preschool on Sardis

Like I said this is just a short list from all of the pre schools in Charlotte.  Always ask for references from your friends so that you have some first-hand opinions and possibly a carpool mate!  Good luck!

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