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Sunday, January 9, 2011


So in preparation for tomorrow (Monday) I am posting some ideas on things to do in case of a snow day.  Here are some things that will hopefully keep kiddies busy and entertained.

Printable coloring sheets:  Print these suckers off and let the kids color away.  Want to make it more exciting, (i.e. take longer)?  For young school-age kids, have them label the parts of of their snowman/gingerbread man for spelling practice.  For the older ones have them write a short story about their character.  
Gingerbread man

Winter themed Word searches:
word search 1
word search 2
word search 3

Snowball estimation game:
Need- cotton balls, a clear jar/container
How to play-  Fill a jar with cotton balls.  Have kids guess how many "snowballs" are in the jar.  After everyone guesses count the cotton balls and the winner gets a small prize.

Dress the snowman:
Need- at least 2 players, various winter clothes
Kids take turns being "Frosty" while the others have to gather winter clothes from around the house to dress the snowman.

Build and Eat Snowman:
Need- marshmallows, pretzels (rods), chocolate chips, sprinkles, or raisins.
Be creative with what ingredients you have on hand and let the kids construct a snowman.  Marshmallows for the body and whatever you've got for the rest.

Popcorn Snowmen:
Go to this link for another tasty snack.  Substitute for ingredients you don't have at home.

Popcorn Snowmen

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