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Thursday, January 27, 2011

momsie: STYLE part 1

momsie: STYLE
1 piece, 2 looks
To kick off the new Thursday theme I am going to do a little project entitled: 1 piece, 2 looks.  This idea came to me at midnight (as always!) after a trip to West Elm.  I jokingly tell my husband all the time that I am going to get a part time job there because I love the store so much.  I want to literally move in the store because it is how I picture the decor in my dream home. There are so many times that I find things there, and other places, that I can totally envision in a room.  Problem is, is that this room usually doesn't exist in my house.  I have seriously tried to convince my husband that we should do a complete renovation of our kitchen based on one bowl.  Or that we should rip up all of the upstairs carpet to accommodate a rug.  Or that we should move altogether because we need an official guest room for the picture frame I just found.  Needless to say he has not jumped at my suggestions.  

Now I have devised the perfect plan: I convince him that we need the item for my blog.  I have to have it for a Thursday post, right?  Right.  Well it worked this time so we'll see how it goes.  I fell in love with these sequined bunnies and could just see them in a little girl's room.  Obviously with 2 sons this is not likely to be in my house so I've decided to pass the inspiration to someone who does actually have a daughter.  I started with 1 piece and created 2 rooms.  I need someone to fulfill my dreams and make one of these rooms happen.  And if you do please share a picture with me!  (If someone really does want the bunny bookends, I will be willing to part with them...shoot me an email!)

I bought two...

so there would be a set of bookends
*I really made it in real life but this is just
a representation in the picture

The bunnies make adorable bookends and would be great accessories in a variety of rooms.  Here are two versions I came up with...


Untitled by MOMSIE featuring socks
IVAN Neutral Glass Wall mirror
50 GBP - habitat.co.uk

Serena & Lily | Ben Crib Bedding Collection for Baby Nursery
$395 - serenaandlily.com
*This price represents a whole collection, NOT just a can of paint.  Just giving you an idea of color!

Rainbow zigzag stripe fabric, BACKGROUND picture By donna
$12 - warmbiscuit.com
*I used it to represent a rug but I am sure you could find something similar.

Sock Bunny - HearthSong
Socks »

Case Crib by NettoCollection


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