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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

And Now Here is Sister #2....

Summer is for getting things done and I have wasted no time accomplishing two things on my list.  Since Momsie began I knew I would want my sisters involved in some way.  They are both hilarious and two of my very best friends so Adrienne jumped on board last week and this week I introduce to you...Lauren!  Both of my sisters will now be regularly writing for Momsie and from very different viewpoints.  

Here is the breakdown of us three:
Adrienne...oldest, 3 girls, lives in small town SC
Lauren...middle, 1 boy, keeps moving but for now is in Seattle, WA
Me...youngest, 2 boys, lives in Charlotte, mom's favorite

I wanted both of my sisters to write here because we are very close.  We come from a family that believed your best playmates are those that live with you and so we had many, many days playing together.  Luckily we've all grown up and still like each other.  I can call them with anything and I know they will just get it.  But this is not to say we did not have our fair share of hair-pulling and NKOTB poster-slashing (more on that later).  

I gave you the low down on Adrienne so it is only right that I do the same for Lauren.  She is practically my twin.  We are 15 months apart and for as long as I can remember we have done everything together.  If you have children this close in age (or closer) watch out!  We shared everything from friends to clothes to the lies we told our parents in order to go to a high school party.  Where Lauren is level-headed, I am not leading to a lot of "babysitting" on her part during late college nights.  Where she is punctual, I am chronically late leading to a lot of mornings in high school with her laying on the horn in our driveway.  But, to my defense I would say I have a lot more patience....especially while fixing my hair.  Once when we were around junior high age Lauren was trying to perfect that softball clump of bangs.  When the teasing and spraying just wouldn't cooperate she hauled off and kicked the cabinet.  Hard.  The thing is no one knew a thing about it until my Dad came yelling about a hole in the bathroom cabinet.  Adrienne and I were totally confused and Lauren just sat straight-faced.  Eventually she confessed and my Dad grounded her from her curling iron for a week.

Lauren is a great listener and always knows what to say to make you feel better.  Usually it is extremely sarcastic and anyone who knows me knows that dry humor is the way to my heart.  She has watched Adrienne and I have kids and now she is figuring out on her own why we have been losing our minds for the last couple of years.  I will never forget the day she called me to ask if it was possible for a 3 month-old to be bipolar.  Ahhh, welcome to motherhood.

Check in Tuesdays, starting on the 21st for Lauren's insight into the world of making friends in a new city! 

ps. As for the NKOTB slashing.  Adrienne and I had a particularly ugly fight one day.  Who knows about what, probably who got to hold the remote control.  So she went right for my most prized possession.  Oh yes, she cut up one of my Joe McIntyre posters.  In an act of sisterly love Lauren came and brought me a new one that she had from her copy of Teen Beat.  Thank God for her show of compassion.  And the fact that Jordan, not Joe, was her favorite.



  1. This is sweet and makes me want to have more than 2 kids now. Thanks a lot Beth.

  2. Looking forward to the blog..goodness knows she has had more than enough practice at making friends!! To all the friends she has made they can attest to the fact that they are lucky to call her a friend....she is one of the most wonderful people in the world and I love her dearly!!


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