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Thursday, June 30, 2011

momsie: STYLE: Mudroom Makeover

Its my party and I'll make-over if I want to....In honor of my birthday (today!) I gave myself a brand new room in my house!  It didn't cost me much and I now have a real big-girl office.  

BEFORE: boring, no organization, no real use

In transition...

AFTER:  My new and improved workspace/mudroom.  One small room with two big functions now!

Moved my desk from upstairs which gives me a much more centralized location.

A perfect little nook for my desk and right next to the kitchen!
ps. I found the missing knob in the toy box!

Found this at HomeGoods!  Perfect for all my little "stuff"
I love little things...
And good memories around while I work!

Still have a mudroom but now with better storage
 for shoes, hats, dog stuff, etc. 

A place for calendars, school stuff, and hats.

Precious little hats for my surfer boy in the making!

And as always, keeping CROCS in business!

This space is so much more functional now:  I can do some work, step over and start dinner, grab Crocs in a hurry, and the whole area just suits me.  I have my knick-knacks right above me and more organization than I can handle...my heart is full.

This new work area is a necessity now too because there is a lot of work to be done.  This new workspace is not the only gift I have given myself this year.  I am going to celebrate today and keep you all in suspense for 24 more hours but make sure to check in TOMORROW for a big announcement!


  1. Love it!! But how do you hide from the kids now?

  2. I am thinking of installing a door!


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