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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

New Relationships: Adrienne Patterson

Hard to believe that just a few months ago I began entertaining the thoughts of home schooling and now I am only weeks away from actually doing it!!  The room is nearly done, the curriculum is here and my lesson plans are almost complete.  We are going to kick off our school year July 7th and I honestly can’t wait.  (Remind me of this when I begin posting how I am completely frustrated and totally doubting this decision, LOL!)  I know much of the excitement is from the inner nerd in me who totally likes organizing and setting up schedules, seriously the thrill I get when I realize I need to go to Staples is ridiculous!  But I am also finding that I am excited at the prospect of truly spending time teaching my child.  I know that sounds crazy seeing as how I have been a mom for over 7 years and that is what moms do right?  But somehow this feels different. 

We have now entered this stage of life where I honestly feel like I can have a relationship with my kids and enjoy them.  For so many years it seems that there is no time to have a relationship with them outside of changing their diapers, fixing sippy cups, buckling their car seats, wiping their noses, cleaning up after them and enduring endless amounts of crying.  I am finally at a point where they can do more for themselves meaning I have more time to simply be with them.  Don’t get me wrong, they aren’t self sufficient by any stretch and they have traded poopy diapers for spilled drinks and tantrums for arguing with one another but maybe I was just so burned out on all that other stuff that these new trials seem easier??  Who knows, but I know that when I go to the pool now and I can sit in my chair and watch all of them swimming or we can go on a walk and they all ride their bikes I find myself thinking, “I have been waiting for this!!!”

I especially see this in Molly Scott who is 7 years old.  Suddenly it’s fun to take her along to the grocery store and pick out our favorite cereal together or to sneak out to get some ice cream.  We can have actual conversations about stuff (like how cute we thought Justin Bieber was in Never Say Never) and sometimes she even fixes me a drink or gets me my favorite snack…now there is a true milestone!!  While I have always been her teacher I must admit it’s not necessarily fun to teach her how to blow her nose or how to wipe after pooping.  Now I see that I am going to get to teach her some truly interesting and useful stuff like reading and writing (yes, wiping your nose and butt is useful but just not as rewarding).  And even beyond A,BC’s and 1,2,3’s I am going to be able to teach her about God and building a good character!!  This is what every parent dreams of…teaching your kids the things that will make them moral, responsible and intelligent adults. 

So many times during those trying toddler years I would tell my mom that I thought people were crazy to say parenting was rewarding.  I didn’t feel rewarded I felt tired and overwhelmed. She would always tell me that while there were the small rewards like sweet smiles and the first time she said my name the big and lasting rewards would come later.  She was right!  When I hear Molly Scott talk about praying to Jesus because she was scared during the thunderstorm or when she excitedly reads road signs as we drive down the road I am completely rewarded. I am confident that this year will be full of such rewards and while I am eternally grateful that she is no longer wetting her pants and that she no longer eats her boogers I am pretty sure these upcoming accomplishments will be even better!!! 

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