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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Johnny Homeschooler: Adrienne Patterson

I am happy to report that not only did I survive the car ride and hotel stay w/ the girls but, I fell in love w/ Beaufort, SC and had a blast at the home school conference!!  We went to the beach our first day there and while I was a little irritated initially that Beaufort really doesn’t have a beach and we would have to drive 30 minutes over to Fripp Island and go to Hunting Island, I was quickly won over by this beautiful beach!  Definitely recommend Hunting Island and the precious downtown Beaufort!

Okay, so back to the real reason we went, the HS conference.  I did not see but maybe one long denim skirt, no buns and people actually bought the lunch offered of hot dogs and burgers and did not eat healthy lunches made from scratch by their industrious HS mothers!  Right away I see that I’m gonna be fine.  One thing I did notice was that these home school folks take God’s command to pro-create to heart… every family had 5-7 kids!  While I am surely moving confidently into the HS camp that right there is where this girl draws the line.  No way, now how could I do that….and to be sure you understand me correctly I will say that I had my tubes tied, I am on the pill and I have casually mentioned to Scott that I would like him to have a vasectomy just to be extra sure!  Not sure what the tie is w/ HS and lots of kids, but my hats off to them!

The talks were great and I am fully confident that I am making the right decision however this conference did stir up some major anxieties.  Much of the discussions were centered on the fact that the choice to HS means you are your child’s major influence.  This leads one to conclude that you are more than likely going to have to make some changes in your own life if you want your students/kids to learn from your example.  That just strikes fear in my heart, I feel like more time than I would like to admit I am setting a bad example.  Most nights I think of the phrase “Do as I say not as I do.”  YIKES, this does not bode well for HS.  I was surrounded by veteran HS moms, and the first thing you notice is how nice and gentle and patient they are (you notice this especially after you see them file out of a minivan followed by 6 kids!!).  They speak quietly, they are firm but so kind sounding, they smile at their children and command obedience and respect.  Not so much w/ me and my kiddos.  I am Type A, yelling, nagging, barking orders and absolutely flustered just trying to get them all in the car as they fight in the parking lot over who gets in first!  Meanwhile Johnny Homeschooler is opening the door for his sister to get in their family bus while bouncing the family’s newest addition on his hip, geez!  For most of the meetings I left the kids in childcare but eventually they got bored of that and so since I had seen some children attend some of the talks I figured I would take them with me for one.  Again, Johnny Homeschooler and his sixteen siblings file in and all immediately sit in a perfect line against the wall and pull out books. Not a peep from them. Pan to the other side of the room…thankfully Molly Scott is sitting (she is 7 so I would hope she could!), Gracie is playing a game on my I-Phone (at least she is quiet I reason and for all they know she is reading an e-book) and then there is Finley.  She has stolen a glue stick from somewhere and in between using it as chapstick and repeatedly sucking on the top that will surely get lodged in her throat she is gluing every paper and note I have together!  Right then I hate Johnny Homeschooler and his patient mom!!  Lesson learned, children go back to childcare and I head to a conference on discipline and love for your kids.  Maybe next year when I have completely transformed my child and myself through the magic of HS we will try it again. 

All in all it was an amazing weekend though.  I finally bought my curriculum and really felt God telling me that I was doing the best thing for our kids.  As a Christian I was blown away by how much God centered material was offered and how much material there is out there to encourage Christian families to put God back into education.  I would be remiss if I didn’t share some of the information I saw, who knows maybe some of you will read this and consider home school for your children?? 

Check these out:

-this is the curriculum I chose (My Father’s World) and the founder was our keynote speaker this weekend.

-they offer a K-12 curriculum also but in addition some awesome material for kids and you in answering common questions about God and creation.

-this documentary is soon to be released and takes a look at public schools and what our kids are being exposed to.

-awesome 12 week course on manners and etiquette!!

I am off to finish final touch ups on our classroom, till next time!

“Train a child up in the way they should go and when they are old they will not part from it.” Proverbs 22:6

Molly Scott


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