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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Philanthropy Gone Wrong at Taco Bell...

This story makes me laugh every time I tell it.  I can just be thinking about it and laugh out loud.  It would help if you knew my Grandma so here is a little background.  She is one of the sweetest most gentle people I know.  Her house is always clean, her food tastes better than anything else I have eaten, and she is the most faithful Christian I know.  She is also more gullible than my 4-year-old son.  It is a family tradition to play pranks on her and it just never gets old.  And don't worry she is a good sport, she is always able to laugh at herself.  She always seems to get herself into the most ridiculous situations and listening to her tell you what went down requires a pair of Depends.  Between her innocent facial expressions and the things she says to perfect strangers can make you laugh until your sides hurt.

I have learned a lot from this woman on how to be a good wife, a caring neighbor, and a loving mother.  I have also learned to take time to do little things for other people, especially the sick or elderly.  She is probably the reason why I feel the desire to volunteer and help the girls of Florence Crittenton Services.  One day she told me about her efforts to do something generous.  She had heard on the radio the idea of paying it forward in the drive-through.  The idea is to surprise the person behind you by paying for their meal...they pull up and find that their meal is free and realize it was done by a perfect stranger.  Such a good way to brighten someone's day and you never know what that little gesture might mean to them on that day. 

So, Grandma pulls up to Taco Bell and orders her tacos.  Shocking that she will eat here considering she carries wet wipes everywhere and boils her silverware from time to time, but anyways.  She looked in her rear-view mirror and noticed behind her a college-aged couple.  She said the boy had a USC baseball hat on and they were so cute in their pick-up truck.  She felt ecstatic to pay for their little meal and help a young couple save a couple of dollars.  She pulls up and proudly tells the cashier that she would like to pay for the  order behind her in addition to her own.  Struck by the nice gesture the guy says, "Sure, their total is $64.37."  Stumbling for words my Grandma just coughed out, "Nevermind, I am not going to be able to do that today."  Apparently this "cute couple" were on a food run for the entire dorm!!  I mean, how? HOW do you spend 60-something dollars at Taco Bell?!   Only Grandma would be in front of that car.

Other than making me laugh on my worst day, this story reminds me that there are always opportunities to do something nice and even if it doesn't work out, you will have a good story to laugh about.  Teach your kids to do the little things and find a place you can all volunteer together at least just once! 

Here is an opportunitiy to help right now at Florence Crittenton Services:
Florence Crittenton Services - Charlotte, NC

Calling all green thumbs! What's the next best thing to growing your own delicious vegetables? Sharing them with girls and women in need! FCS accepts food donations of all kinds, and those fresh from the garden really liven up the three square meals we provide clients each day.


  1. Beth, I live for your blog! What a wonderful fathers day idea! I am, going to do this when Lawton is older....I just love it!!!

  2. Thank you Brooke! Your comments make my day!


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