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Friday, June 3, 2011

FYE: 5/27/11...Some mom-friendly suits

I know that just the mere mention of the word bathing suit will send some of you running screaming into a dark closet.  Trust me, as I get older and looser I get more envious of women of the Middle East and their burkas.  The only thing worse than having to show most of your skin in a bathing suit, is having to run around after a toddler in said bathing suit.  Things jiggle and slip and no one wants to see your wedgie as you wrestle your child out of the water when its time to go home.  I have come to the conclusion that you really need two suits: your fun bathing suit and your mom-suit.  The fun one is for beach trips sans kids, lounging on the beach alone with your husband, and for when you get invited to sip cocktails poolside with Jennifer Aniston (hey, its about as likely as the first two).  The mom-suit is for lugging a 97 lb. bag to the pool, chasing your toddler around the splash park, and for hopping in when your child looks as though they might not make it back to the surface.

Luckily a mom-suit no longer has to mean skirts and bad prints.  Here are some great ones out there right now...

*I only included one-pieces because I don't want anyone to fall off their desk chair at the  suggestion of a two piece but all of these brands also carry a lot of really cute bikinis and tankinis that are worth checking out!

Yes, the first few times you have to remove that cover-up at the pool is nerve-racking but don't forget that you are not alone.  Every mom out there is feeling the same insecurities and is just as aware of how much her body has changed since having babies.  Yes things have shifted and fallen but only because we gave up our figures for 9 months to create those little turds that are now splashing in in the baby pool (your kids not literal poop, at least hopefully the rubber pants did their job)!  Don't spend the summer beating yourself up.  Save any beatings for that mom who walks around in her bikini with a six pack and toned arms...she deserves it not you!  Enjoy your time in the sun, relaxing.  Be happy you are not running from soccer practices to homework duty.  Remember that your kids will only remember how awesome you are for taking them swimming, not that your butt was the saggiest out there (its not!).  Just find a suit that makes you feel your best and make the most of your summer!   

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