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Monday, June 27, 2011

Summer Bucket List

When you put it like that it sounds way more appealing than "To-Do" List.  There is a lot I want to do this summer so I have to break it down into categories: home, work, family.  So, here is what is on our family fun list...

1.  Choose a 5K  IOP Beach Run July 23rd!!
2.  See "Cars 2"
3.  Go to a real drive-in movie (no kids- Date Night!)
4.  Go to the pool a lot
5.  Go to Discovery Place at least a few times
6.  Eat dinner outside in our backyard
7.  Make smoothies, freeze some for popsicles (will need to buy a blender first!)
8.  Schedule family picture session
9.  Take Oliver on a weekly date: just the two of us...a little quality time with my oldest
10.  Visit the Whitewater Center
11.  Take the boys on the Light rail
12.  Hit up some farmer's markets around town

I am sure we will add things as we go but I definitely want to make time for all of the above.  What is on your list this year?

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