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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Momsie: STYLE: DIY Wreaths

As my family grows my festive decorations diminish.  Mainly because I just don't want to go in our basement to lug stuff up.  I probably would be more inclined to do so had I not nearly gone into cardiac arrest last time I was down there.  It truly is not healthy for my kids to be peacefully eating dinner and then suddenly startled by their mother who is running screaming from the basement.  Especially since the culprit of my near heart attack was dead.  But it is important to note that even dead cricket/spiders are frightening and threatening.  Anyhow most of my decorations now are DIY things I can do on the fly....and from materials stored upstairs.  

I get lots of compliments on my front door wreath and I almost feel guilty accepting the praise because they were so stinkin easy to do.  I found my wreaths at Goodwill and Michaels (side note I can't believe someone actually took a wreath to Goodwill?  Could you really not just throw a bow on the thing??).  I paid less than $5 for each.  Here are the supplies and directions:

hot glue gun
scotch tape
*scrapbook paper

1.  Cut paper into 4 even squares (I just eye balled it)
2.  Accordian-fold each square (you know: fold it forward, then backwards...)
3.  Holding one of the folded squares so that it looks like one skinny strip, fold into a "v"
4.  Tape the edges together so that when you let go it is a pie wedge or half-circle (depending on how big your initial piece of paper was)
5.  Follow steps 3 and 4 for each square so that you have 4 pie pieces to make a full circle.  
6.  Using tape to secure the pieces to each other, you should end up with a "flower."
7.  Put a dab of hot glue in the middle of the flower and attach to the wreath.

Play around with the paper to make different shaped flowers.  For instance, accordian-fold the paper diagonally and the shape changes.  You can also mix and match paper for a funkier flower.  I have mainly used scrapbook paper because it is cheap and colorful but you could also do a "green" version by using magazine pages or scraps of wrapping paper.  Once the pieces are folded any design looks good.  Use your imagination!  

You can also personalize the wreath.  Add your monogram by putting a wooden letter on the center of each flower.  Or numbers for your address.  If the wreath is up in honor of someone's birthday put their date of birth.  Hearts for Valentine's Day, flags for 4th of July, the options are endless!

My Summer Wreath...  

Another one I made for my nephew Nash...

For the Alexander's (my sister's family)... 

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  1. I just updated mine for the summer. The postman actually complimented me on it recently:)


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