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Friday, June 10, 2011

FYE: 6/10/11...Movies, Make-overs, and Maps oh my!

A couple of things before we all head off into the wonderful weekend...

*The Morrison YMCA is hosting it's "Movies on the Field" tonight.  Tonight's movie will be "Cars" and if you haven't seen it a million times already, take this chance because "Cars 2" comes out June 24th!  The event is from 7:30-9:30pm.

*Today is the big make-over day at Sarah's House!  This has truly been a labor of love that took a lot of coordinating, fund-raising, donations, and time.  We all are meeting there this morning to revamp this old, dumpy area and I cannot wait for the families to arrive home for the big reveal.  I will be sure to share pictures next week!  The only part of this project that is a little bittersweet is having to see some of the other residents who live in other parts of the facility.  I want nothing more than to go through this place room by room and make it all over.  Maybe our "before-and-after" shots will create an urge in other groups...I am ready and willing to head up more volunteers!

*Father's Day is coming up and I want to do something new and unique.  I came across some ideas the other day (and if I could remember where I would share) and have decided on a new Father's Day tradition.  I am taking a map of Charlotte and I am going to plot our route on June 19th.  I will use highlighters, stickers, whatever to represent where all we go that day.  On the back of the map I am going to attach some notes about what we did, funny things the kids said, the date, and any other special memories from the day.  I am going to find a nice wooden box that can store this map and all the rest from years to come.  I know my husband will love this "time capsule" and how it helps him remember the little things.  And, of course our route will include stops just for Daddy!  (Selwyn Pub, anyone?!)     

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