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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Thank Yous....

It is bittersweet to have the Sarah's House room make over complete.  It was the best kind of stress because it required all of the things I love about decorating: the planning, budgeting, arranging, shopping, etc and at the end of the day the room had really transformed.  The best comment I heard from one of the residents was, "This place feels so much more like a home now."  Mission accomplished.  

This project would not have happened without the help of the following people:

Michelle Calvert and Katie Rozycki...My contact ladies at FCS who helped coordinate my visits and were there to answer each and every question.

The mothers of Sarah's House  They were willing to let their living area be taken over numerous times throughout the planning and the make over day.  They were complimentary and so grateful and for that I will forever be thankful.

Fabo Cafe, Little Lollipops Children's Consignment Boutique, and Cotswold Toys & Co.  These businesses gladly placed collection boxes in their stores for our book drive AND they collected tons of books!  

Taylor (my husband)  He listened for hours on end about my plans, hauled, painted, rallied for the cornhole tournament, and supported me.  He was also part of a two-man team that completely redid the kitchen cabinets!

Village Tavern  Who graciously opened their patio up for our cornhole tournament and provided excellent service.

Carolinas Premier Painting Company  Owner, Billy Dale generously donated all of the painting supplies and his crew, FOR FREE!  Everyone who has walked through the room has complimented their fantastic work.  (billy@carolinasppc.com)

Corbitt Simmons  The second guy on that two-man cabinet team.  He put in long hours after work and on weekends to make sure the cabinets looked awesome.  He also helped move furniture, haul things in his car (the curse of a big car), and whatever else I asked of him.

Chris Chatman, Wes Thompson, Matt Telmanik  All of these guys were ready and willing to do whatever we needed.  They put in muscle and money.  Whether it was a last-minute request for their pick-up truck, me begging for stripes painted on the wall at the last minute, or a hefty donation (thanks to Carolina Construction Solutions!) all of these guys pulled through for me in huge ways!

Mary Stewart, Raven, Kristin, Karen, Ryan, Cameron, Katie, Chris S., Heather   Every girl should be as fortunate to have friends like you all.  I didn't even have to explain the details and you were all on board from day 1.  You went on site tours, met up to plan, offered to shop, donated things from your own homes, showed up ready to break a sweat, and did it all while juggling jobs and families.  I can never tell you all how thankful I am for your friendship and how much I respect your willingness to to do this project for the girls of Sarah's House.

And to everyone else who helped make this happen, THANK YOU.  Whether you wrote a check, played cornhole, donated a book, covered all parenting duty so your husband could help, or just sent us well-wishes, know that you were a part of making someone's living space "more of a home" and that you made complete strangers feel loved.

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