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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

New Momsie Regular: Adrienne Patterson

Adrienne Patterson is a stay-at-home mom to 3 daughters: Molly Scott (7), Gracie (5), and Finley (3) and wife to Scott for 10 years this June.  She will now be a weekly contributor to Momsie so check in Wednesdays for her posts.  

She’s doing what?! Don’t think Beth could have selected a better title to introduce my new series here on Momsie! I still am questioning it myself some days and to say it out loud even sounds like I am speaking a foreign language, but alas I am here to say in plain English that I AM HOME SCHOOLING!!!!!!

For those of you who know me and haven’t heard the news yet I know that you are so shocked you may not be able to continue reading. I don’t blame you, in fact when Beth said she was going to re-post my “sweet” post about being a mom (Top 10 Things I Thought Motherhood Would Be) I honestly read through it again to be sure I hadn’t made fun of Home School Moms, LOL!

How I came to this decision requires a little background on me. As much as you might think I do not fit the mold of typical home school moms I must be honest and share a side of me that might make you think differently. I think Little House on the Prairie is the best show EVER! I honestly have seen every episode more times than I can count! When I wasn’t watching it when I was little I was pretending I was an Ingall and that I wore Lemon Verbena and had a horse named Bunny. I wanted Pa to be my dad so badly, for him to tear up and call me Half Pint and if only Carolyn could make my Sunday dress and let me carry eggs to the mercantile with her, ahhhh. I have continued to watch it whenever I come across it on TV and have read all the books in the series. As I became and adult I found yet another TV family that caught my attention and somehow, someway reminded me of the Ingalls, it was The Duggars. I know, you are screaming “WHAT??!!” Relax, I don’t want 19 Kids (hello did you read my previous post?) and I don’t want to only wear skirts and have long hair BUT I do love them. What these two families have in common is their strong sense of family, strong faith and a life that is simple. It just always attracted me and so the leap to home school really isn’t that far fetched (at least in my mind). 

So while these families inspired me I am far from having the patience of Michelle Duggar or Carolyn Ingalls. In fact only 2 weeks prior to announcing this idea to my husband I recall slamming Molly Scott’s homework folder shut, shoving it across the table and telling her that as far as I was concerned she could fail first grade because I was D-O-N-E helping her!! Obviously I had moved past that episode and was rather annoyed when I brought up home schooling to Scott that he chose to bring this small incident up….let the past be in the past man! Surprisingly enough though he was actually for it. In truth I had been praying about this and just asking God to shut doors if this was not meant to be. I was getting a bit scared as more doors were being opened than shut but I figured that the major door slam would be Scott and darn if he didn’t roll out the red carpet for this idea.

So I am in the beginning stages, just dipping my toe in this new pond and I am finding out there is A LOT to learn! I am pleased to say that one of the first things I learned was that my idea of what home schoolers were like was wrong. What a relief that I don’t have to start wearing long denim skirts with a pair of loafers, bake everything from scratch and wear a doily over my bun!! The old stereotype of home school moms and kids has really evolved and this new breed is made up of normal people just like you and I. I am thrilled to find there is a large community of home schoolers in my community and thus far they have been a wealth of information. This is a good thing because you would not believe how much there is to out there…a bazillion curriculums and a thousand ways to conduct your school, there are co-ops and online schools, you name it it is out there. I am generally not a researcher, more of an impulsive type but seeing as how this is my kid’s education I am trying to do my background work and as of now I am overwhelmed at my choices. I thought blogs and reviews might be comfortable and then quickly realized I need a whole class in home school lingo! FYI when these people are chatting the refer to their family as DD, DS, DH…meaning Dear Daughter, Dear Son and Dear Husband. Okay this was enough to make me reconsider. What is that? Ugh, I trudged through and got some good info but really how dorky is that?

So that is where I am currently in my journey. Knee deep in new lingo, curriculums and tons of explaining to everyone my dramatic decision. Stay tuned next week for all the reasons we have come up with to home school and trust me sleeping in definitely makes the list!!! Till next time….DT (that’s Dear Teacher and I just made that up)!

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