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Monday, June 6, 2011

Poll time: Who Thinks My Butt has Officially Left the Couch...

Time to update you on my C25K progress.  Little recap:  I am out-of-shape, skinny fat, and hate to run.  I started the Couch to 5K running program 6 weeks ago (at least thats the week I am on) and I am trying to actually complete a 5K before the summer is over.  And now for where I stand today:  I am still committed to the 3-day-a-week program, I am feeling the most fit I have since running and playing as a child, and wait for it...I like running.  Now while I have you all sitting there with your mouths hanging open I am going to throw this at you too...I am going to the gym more than just the three days, I worked out on vacation, and I met with a personal trainer today.  Ok, who needs the defibrilator?!?  I am not kidding people, a small miracle is happening over her in these parts!  

But let me slow down here for a minute because there are some very important things for you all to know.  My friends keep looking at me weird when I say I am going to the gym again.  I cannot explain this to them, and you, enough.  What is motivating me to get there day after day is very simple: CHILD WATCH.  I walk into a nice, clean building with lots of smiling people.  There is a staff of fully capable and trust-worthy people ready and willing to take my children.  They will change their diapers, feed them lunch if need be, and entertain them all while I go off by myself.  I am not lying to you, this place really exists and there are several locations right here in our city!!

Granted I go off alone to exercise but right now I will take it.  I start running and literally sweat out all of the frustration that comes with motherhood.  I run faster the days that I want to really purge those nasty thoughts I have about my 4 year old, faster when I think about that loud, shrill scream my 18-month-old calls communicating, and faster still when I think about Carrie Underwood's legs.  I jam out to my music, not Yo Gabba Gabba and I just think.  Think, think, think, without any interruptions. 

I do my C25K routine and then head over to the free weights.  The purpose of my meeting with one of the personal trainers was to get some tips on working specific body parts.  Can you point me in the direction of the saddlebag machine??  So now I feel comfortable branching out in my work out routine a little more.  I am not running a full 3 miles yet but I have definitely seen my endurance improve.  I am still looking for a 5K but I plan to choose one in the next few weeks.  

I tell you all of this not because I need a big pat on the back, I just want to let you know that miracles can happen.  If I can motivate to go to the gym you can certainly shed that extra 10 pounds you are worried about.  Shoot, you can go get a PhD if its possible for me to enjoy running!  I am not going to go all Richard Simmons on you but I know you can do it if I can!  Here is a little more motivation for you, a running "mix-tape" from me to you.  I always thought I needed old-school rap to get my butt moving but turns out a British chick will do the trick.  This CD is such a good soundtrack for my runs!  Enjoy...

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