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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sarah's House: Before & After

As you all know we have finished the room make-over at Sarah's House and I am so excited to finally reveal the pictures!  The actual make-over was a 2-day process; the guys moved in all of the furniture on Thursday and my team of lovely ladies were there bright and early Friday.  We cleaned, hung curtains, arranged bookshelves, assembled furniture, and put all the love we could into that room.  It was an awesome day!  My friends were there and the residents were also in and out throughout the day.  It was priceless seeing their faces as they caught glimpses of the room.  They truly seemed shocked at the transformation and just so grateful.  The experience was fun because we got to spend some time with the mothers and their kids and learn a little more about them.  Part of my goal was to bring a little more connection between the mothers of Sarah's House and mothers from our community and I hope it did just that!  
Before: Beat up couch, ugly rocker, hodge-podge picture wall

Before: In need of some organization as well!

After:  The only original piece is the side table!
We also replaced that horribly dark teal with a bright, summery yellow!

After:  Framed fabric that can serve as background for
 pictures when and if they choose to fill them!
Before:  The entertainment center had lost it's doors and the rug
appeared to be a random donation as well.
*Note my "assistant" in the photo, can't seem to go
anywhere without that little guy!
After:  A new (donated) entertainment center with functioning doors!
New window treatments to make it feel more home-y.

After:  A rug that coordinates and brightens the place up!
Also a much-needed coffee table for storage.
Before:  Another "picture wall" and the matching beat-up love seat!

Before:  The corner/"dining room"??
After:  Now a reading nook for the kids complete with
 the books (this is only half!!) from the book drive!

After:  More seating and books for the moms as well!

After: A comfy living room for the moms and kids!

Before:  The kitchen in all it's glory...where to begin??

 After:  White cabinets, striped walls, and a bench window-seat that has storage space!

I feel like these pictures don't even do justice to how much the room really transformed.  I wish I could have captured every angle and every detail!


  1. It looks SO good!! When I come to Charlotte I want to go see it in person. Ya'll did a great job and I know those girls were so appreciative :)

  2. Looks awesome! Did everything come from donations?!

  3. Thanks! Yes either donated money with which I shopped or donated furniture.

  4. The Sarah's House family room and kitchen look wonderful and are now such bright and cheery spaces to enjoy! Thank you so much for all of your hard work!
    (Debi - a FCS staff member)


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